Exenium es una bolsa de criptomoneda completamente funcional que se implementa como un bot de chat para las mensajerías más populares:

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Cantidad de fondos recaudados: $1 209 897  
Colaboradores: 46922
Bono de bienvenida 23420.94 XNTB
Bounty Bonus 3827.16 XNTB
Volumen de equipo 12757.20 XNT
Bono por referencias 792.65 XNTB
Volumen de mercadeo 12757.20 XNT
YA VENDIDO: : 65669.60 XNT

Comparison: why we are better

Exenium Poloniex Hitbtc Bitfinex Bittrex
DDoS attack No risk risk risk risk risk
Listing terms From 1 week From 1 Month From 1 Month From 1 Month From 45 days
Listing Deposit no yes yes n/a n/a
Listing cost from 2BTC from 20 BTC from 28 BTC from 35 BTC from 30 BTC
Listing cost in tokens no 20 BTC in tokens 10 BTC in tokens upon request upon request
Operation limits 1000 500 n/a n/a 100
KYC terms From 3 days From 3 weeks 3-5 days up to 5 weeks From 1 hour
Interface Web + Telegram (desktop, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile) Web Web Web, iOS / Android web
Exchange has tokens Yes yes no no no

Noticias del Proyecto

Exenium partners with Dapcar
Exenium has partnered with dapcar.io, an innovative multiplayer game platform. We are looking forward to the cooperation and expect it to be mutually beneficial.
Abril 9, 2018
Meet Crypviser — Exenium’s new partner
The Exenium team is in Frankfurt conducting negotiations with Crypviser, a German project for a decentralized communication network.
Abril 9, 2018
The many issues of Bitfinex
2017 has been a bittersweet year for many cryptocurrency exchanges. Despite registering record profits, the huge influx of new users revealed glaring weaknesses for many of them.
Marzo 29, 2018
The Exenium team is extending the token sale to April 15
This decision comes from the fact that, in the current environment, it is becoming harder to deliver information to the end user.
Marzo 25, 2018
Report from the Thailand Conference
The Exenium team has joined the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Thailand. Our project was hugely popular among its participants, and we found many potential partners from Thailand, as well as China and Malaysia.
Marzo 13, 2018
How Exenium will implement KYC
In today’s increasingly more regulated environment, all exchanges require its users to perform verification at some point.
Marzo 12, 2018
Report from Blockchain Conf Dubai
The Exenium team is back from the Dubai Blockchain & Token conference. Despite the limited amount of participants, we managed to acquire many useful contacts.
Marzo 8, 2018
Trading wherever you are with Exenium
What if you wanted to get out on the beach, or travel around the world, without having to bring a laptop wherever you go to control your investment portfolio?
Marzo 5, 2018
Report from the Belarus conference
On February 27 the Exenium team took part in the first large blockchain conference in Belarus, organized by our partner SmileExpo.
Marzo 2, 2018
Exenium at Conference in Turkey
Our team has arrived at the Blockchain Conf Istanbul organized by SmileExpo.
Marzo 1, 2018
Report from Blockchain Conf Bangalore
The Exenium team has participated in February 22 in yet another great conference organized by our friends and partners at SmileExpo, this time in Bangalore, India.
Febrero 27, 2018
Report from the Geneva conference
The Exenium team has made a successful appearance in Geneva! We set up our stand and for the whole day spoke with many people interested in our project.
Febrero 24, 2018
The issues of trying to get listed in an exchange today
In 2017 we saw a meteoric rise of the market, reaching heights that nobody could have ever imagined at the start of the year.
Febrero 23, 2018
Meet Ties.DB — Exenium’s new partner
We are happy to announce that we have entered a partnership with Ties.DB, the world’s first decentralized public database for structured data storage.
Febrero 20, 2018
Meet Deex.Exchange — Exenium’s new partner!
The Exenium team has successfully set up a partnership with Deex Exchange. We see tremendous potential in our cooperation.
Febrero 20, 2018
Exenium partners with NEM — New Economy Movement
We are proud to announce that we have established a partnership with NEM, a truly innovative platform with a multi-billion valuation.
Febrero 19, 2018
The Exenium team announces the start of the cooperation with MicroMoney
Our common goals, market vision and corporate values will allow us to synergize well and obtain mutual benefits and profits.
Febrero 16, 2018
Our team has joined today the conference organized by Smile Expo in Gibraltar
Even during the process of setting up the stand, we had several people asking many questions about the project, in particular from the guys at Rise Vision who showed a lot of interest!
Febrero 10, 2018
We are the messenger chatbot exchange project. Our idea is very simple and our technology is unique. We invite you to help us promoting the Exenium project and to earn our tokens (XNT) in our Bounty campaigns.
Enero 20, 2018
Introducing EXENIUM Exchange!
EXENIUM is a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange implemented as a chatbot for Telegram and other popular messengers. It has all the features of traditional exchanges, such as wallets, fiat and cryptocurrency funding.
Enero 12, 2018
Exenium Exchange has joined the blockchain conferences
Exenium has started working towards getting the word out about the project! As a new startup, it is very important for us to connect with other people and organizations in the blockchain industry, for multiple reasons.
Enero 12, 2018

Venga a reunirse con nosotros

Pase tiempo de forma individual con nuestros representantes en nuestras numerosas exhibiciones, conferencias y reuniones de Blockchain en todo el mundo


Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus

Promachon Eleftherias 2 Agios Athanasios, 3507 Limassol, Cyprus Crowne Plaza Limassol


Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta

InterContinental Malta St George`S Bay, St Julians, St Julian's STJ 3310


Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines

Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, Conference Hall, Marquee Tent


Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Gibraltar

Hotel Sunborn Gibraltar, 35 Ocean Village Promenade Gibraltar GX11 1AA


Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland

Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva Quai du Mont-Blanc 19, CH – 1201 Geneva, Switzerland


Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference India

Radisson Blu Atria 1, Palace Road, Ambedkar Veedhi, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001


Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Minsk 9 Pobediteley Avenue, Minsk, 220004, Belarus


Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Turkey

InterContinental İstanbul Asker Ocağı Cad. No:1 34435 Taksim, İstanbul, Turkey


Blockchain & Token Summit Dubai

Blockchain Technology is clearly one of the most significant emerging technologies of the 21st century


Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Thailand

Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand


World Blockchain Foundation, Kuala Lumpur

Chuai Heng Banquet Hall


Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn 2018


Noticias y Medios

CREAMcoin at EXENIUM project
CREAM team members were at the exhibition Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Slovenia on Tuesday, Dec 12th 2017 . In the exhibition area anong all others , was featured Exenium, a service that exchanges cryptocurrencies to fiat money using one of the common messengers.
Diciembre 12, 2017
World’s First Chatbot Trading Platform for Cryptocurrency Starts ICO
Exenium has just started their ITO campaign, offering excellent benefits for the early investors. This is the world’s first fully functional cryptocurrency exchange that has been implemented as a chatbot for the most popular messengers, including Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Discord.
Febrero 12, 2018
Exenium Starts Initial Token Offering with Lucrative Bonus for Early Adopters
Exenium is delighted to announce that their Initial Token Offering has just gone live. A multiplatform cryptocurrency exchange for the sale and purchase of cryptocurrency, this platform comes with a comprehensive set of tools for multi-currency investor portfolio management.
Febrero 13, 2018
World’s First Chatbot Trading Platform for Cryptocurrency, Exenium Starts Initial Token Offering with Lucrative Bonus for Early Adopters
The creators claim that in Exenium, they have built the world’s first ever chatbot trading platform that supports messengers such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Discord.
Febrero 14, 2018
Exenium Starts Initial Token Offering with Lucrative Bonus for Early Adopters
Exenium was created with the goal of delivering a service that will solve all the complex requirements of today’s volatile cryptocurrency market. Though there has been a huge buzz about ICOs in the recent times, during the crowdsale stage, almost 85% of these projects lack a minimum viable product.
Febrero 15, 2018
World’s First Chatbot Trading Platform for Cryptocurrency, Exenium Starts Initial Token Offering with Lucrative Bonus for Early Adopters
Exenium has just started their ITO campaign, offering excellent benefits for the early investors. This is the world’s first fully functional cryptocurrency exchange that has been implemented as a chatbot for the most popular messengers, including Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Discord.
Febrero 15, 2018
Exenium: Chatbot Trading Platform with a Difference
The cryptocurrency industry has undergone a lot of improvements in the past few years. But at the same time, there is a lot to be desired, at least when considering the exchanges. Most of the centralized exchanges are prone to various threats, both external and internal, putting the user funds and even private information at risk.
Marzo 24, 2018
CEO Mike Zevakin: ‘Exenium Improves on Every Aspect of a Traditional Cryptocurrency Exchange’
Exenium has garnered worldwide attention of late as their innovative new trading platform – a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange in a chat-bot – has caught the interest of the entire crypto community. Bitcoinist sat down with Exenium CEO Mike Zevakin to learn more about the project and find out how they put so much security and functionality into such a tiny package.
Abril 2, 2018

Acerca del proyecto

Exenium es una bolsa de criptomoneda completamente funcional que se implementa como un bot de chat para las mensajerías más populares:

Ventajas de Exenium:

Arquitectura a prueba de fallas.
La bolsa está protegida de ataques DDOS, vulnerabilidades de hackeo, bloqueos
Interfaz clara y simple.
Ver Capturas de Pantalla,
Soporte para los bienes y criptomonedas más líquidas. Tókens BTC, ETH, ERC-20, Waves, Bitshares
Bajas tarifas por comisiones
Sistema de Gestión de Inversiones - Conjunto de herramientas para gestionar su cartera de inversión
Gran capacidad de procesamiento. Hasta 10000 operaciones por segundo

Interfaz de la bolsa:

Esquema de la arquitectura de la plataforma:

Nuestra plataforma contiene los siguientes módulos:

Módulo ICO/ITO, un conjunto de herramientas para realizar la oferta inicial de tókens de servicios de nuestra bolsa y otros proyectos
Módulo del Sistema de Gestión de Inversiones IMS, herramientas para la gestión de una cartera de inversión con múltiples monedas
Módulo de estadísticas, mantener el seguimiento de los fondos en cuentas de depósito, órdenes abiertas y cerradas, volumen de intercambio de bienes, lista de los 5 Principales Bienes
Módulo de verificación para el cumplimiento de normativas KYC y AML
Módulo de Sistema de Pagos, para el portal fiduciario
Módulo de Soporte al Cliente 24/7

Acerca del tóken XNT

Información sobre el tóken XNT:

XNT es un tóken digital emitido con el fin de atraer una gran cantidad de usuarios a la Bolsa Exanium. Una revisión legal realizada por nuestro equipo asegura el completo cumplimiento con las nuevas regulaciones sobre las Ofertas Iniciales de Tókens.

El equipo legal de nuestra plataforma declara con total seguridad que los tókens XNT no son títulos, y no se requiere que sean registrados como tal.



Emisión total

Se determinará al final de la campaña ITO, siguiendo la siguiente fórmula: V=(SV+RB+WB)*(1+(TV+BV+MV)/100).

SV (Volumen de ventas) – Cantidad de tókens directamente vendida durante la preventa y la campaña ITO.
RB (Bono por referencias) – Cantidad de tókens distribuidos de acuerdo con el programa de patrocinio, que representa el 10% de todos los tókens comprados por cada individuo patrocinado, que será otorgado al patrocinador..
WB (Bono de bienvenida) – Bono de bienvenida de 0.2 XNT + 0.8 XNTB otorgado a cada participante registrado en la ITO y a cada usuario de la Bolsa Exenium.
TV (Volumen de Equipo) – Parte reservada para el equipo, recompensas de socios y depositarios, que representa el 10% de SV+RB+WB. Se congelará por un año.
BV (Volumen de recompensas) – Tókens reservados para los participantes de las campañas de recompensas, 3% de SV+RB+WB.
MV (Volumen de mercadeo) – Tókens reservados para el desarrollo de la plataforma y las campañas de mercadeo, como WB y otras. 10% de SV+RB+WB.

Control de Oferta

Tókens gastados durante su uso son quemados. Los tókens reservados para el equipo son congelados durante un año.

Tipo de tóken

Ethereum ERC20

¿El tóken puede venderse antes de finalizar la campaña ITO?

No, sólo se permite vender los tókens luego de finalizar la campaña


1 XNT = 0.05 ETH




$ 50 000 000

¿Cómo Exenium garantizará la liquidez de XNT?

Los tókens digitales XNT serán aceptados por la Bolsa Exenium para el pago del listado de tókens, campañas de ITO, servicios internos de intercambio y el pago de varios estados de usuarios en la plataforma.

Cada tóken Exenium gastado por un usuario será removido de circulación, es decir, "quemado". Pagar con tókens dentro del sistema será una ventaja, ya que el usuario recibirá un valor adicional del 10% para la tasa de cambio del momento. El uso de XNT para el pago de los servicios de bolsa será más beneficioso que el uso de cualquier otra criptomoneda o moneda fiduciaria.

La Bolsa Exenium se enfocará en aumentar el volumen de intercambio, el precio y la capitalización del mercado de su propia moneda. Para este fin aumentaremos la cantidad de herramientas de intercambio de XNT. Cuando se listen nuevos tókens, el par XNT/Nueva moneda se beneficiará de un tratamiento preferencial. Considerando el crecimiento de las operaciones de intercambio, este enfoque garantiza el incremento de la demanda del tóken digital XNT.

Solicitar el listado de su tóken

Amount of XNT in circulation and EXENIUM users

Estructura de Distribución de Tókens


  • Ethereum week Bonus +75% 14 - 20 FEB
  • Early Birds stage Bonus +50% – 21 - 23 FEB
  • 2 stage Bonus +35% 24 FEB - 02 MAR
  • 3 stage Bonus +30% 03 MAR - 11 MAR
  • 4 stage Bonus +25% 12 MAR - 18 MAR
  • LAST stage Bonus +20% – 19 MAR - 25 MAR
  • Bono de bienvenida – 0.2 XNT + 0.8 XNTB de bono por registrarse en la plataforma
  • Bono por referencia – Bono por la participación en el programa de referidos, 10% de cada compra hecha por la persona referida que se registró usando el enlace del referente

Leer más acerca de los bonos

Campaña de Recompensa

Campañas de Medios Sociales
Campañas de Charlas sobre Bitcoin
Campañas de Blogging / Videos
Campaña de Meetup
Campaña de Boletín


Lee Willson
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) President of World Blockchain Foundation

Beijing, China
Mike Zevakin
A cryptocurrency evangelist
Blockchain Strategist

Moscow, Russia
Alexander Korzhanov
Global Marketing Lead, ICO development expert

Riga, Latvia
Igor Podzigun
Business Development Advisor
A cryptocurrency evangelist since 2014. Blockchain Strategist

Moscow, Russia
Andrey Sundukov
Tech lead
Architect, Developer

Moscow, Russia
Denis Sevastyanov
Marketing Advisor
Entrepreneur, international projects and online marketing expert since 2015

Moscow, Russia
Jason Appleton
Marketing & US Regional Advisor
Crypto Crow - Youtuber - ICO/Crypto Reviews and Education

Alex Sudadze
Bitcoin Embassy Georgia, CEO and Founder



Micromoney CEO. Succes entrepr, extrem seller >16yrs exp: Bitcoin, BlockChain, FinTech
The head of the company "Laboratory of Blockchain Technology"
The founder of CSHP (CryptoSharkProjects). Producer of FutureTech hackaton
Gaborone, Botswana
Founder of Satoshicentre. A blockchain hub in Gaborone. Promoting blockchain in Africa
Czech Republic
Chief Advancement Officer Strategic Partnerships Director
I am an athlete, entrepreneur, investor, marketer and adrenalin junkie
Peyman Khosravani
Iran, France, India
Blockchain and ICO specialist; Marketing expert
Crypto Blogger
Daily ICO digest. Blockchain and crypto startups news.
Coin-Turk Media
ICO 360
San Francisco / Moscow


Entidad jurídica


Arch. Makariou III, 155, PROTEAS HOUSE, piso 5, 3026 Limassol

Número VAT: 80903234



Legal Notice:
Sólo se le permitirá comprar tókens XNT si usted asegura, declara y garantiza que no es ciudadano Estadounidense, de la República de Singapur o de la República de China, o un residente permanente de dichos tres países, ni que tiene residencia permanente en Estados Unidos, incluyendo Puerto Rico, las Islas Vírgenes de EE.UU., la República de Singapur y la República de China. Para poder comprar tókens XNT y al hacerlo usted asegura, declara y garantiza que ninguno de los dueños de la empresa de la cual usted actúa como representante autorizado, son ciudadanos o residentes permanentes de Estados Unidos de América, la República de Singapur o la República de China, ni que su residencia principal o domicilio se encuentra en Estados Unidos, incluyendo Puerto Rico, las Islas Vírgenes de EE.UU., la República de Singapur y la República de China o cualquier otra dependencia de estas tres naciones.

Solicitud de rechazo de compra:
Su compra de tókens durante el Período de Distribución es definitiva, y no se hacen devoluciones ni cancelaciones con excepción de las que puedan requerirse por las leyes o regulaciones aplicables. Nos reservamos el derecho a rechazar o cancelar las solicitudes de compras de tókens en cualquier momento a nuestra propia discresión.

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